Tuesday, August 25, 2015



In a blink of eye, it's already the fifth week of my practicum phase two. So many things happened during this five weeks. There were moment that I turned into a real dinosaur in class. Well, when you enter a Jurassic Park where all the dinosaurs are T-rex, you have to be the biggest T-rex to face them.

That day was my first observation so I was extremely nervous. As usual, adrenaline rush. Kah. Everything was fine until the last stage of my lesson. The pupils went mad. They danced, they rolled on the floor, they talked loudly and started to lose their focus. My patience almost reached its limit. 

Right after the class ended, I literally went mad. I threw the books right on the pupils' face. I threw the file on the desk. I tore my teaching aids. I said some harsh words (harsh, but does not contain any profanity or vulgar words, definitely!). 

I went mad not because of my marks. I am quite satisfied with my marks although it is not that high. Ehem. I am very disappointed with my pupils that I almost cried. They are just Year 2, but their attitude sucks. If you're not that clever, can you just listen to the teacher and focus in class? Or at least respect the teacher in front, try to not make any noise if you don't have the intention to learn. 

A disappointed teacher. 

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