Tuesday, August 25, 2015



I tried to counsel those problematic pupils in my class. I mentioned about their parents.

"what's your parents' occupation?"
"do you think you will make your parents sad if I call your parents right now and tell them that their son is very problematic and misbehaved in school?"
"do you think you should make your parents become sad?"
"do you love your parents?"
"if you love them, what should you do to make them proud of you?"
"if you befriend with a bad friend, you might turn into a bad person. If you befriend with nice person, you might become a nice person too."
"do you want to be nice or bad?"
"do you promise me that you won't misbehaved again?"
"if you broke your promise, you're not a real man, you're a pondan"

Do you think this approach worked for those problematic pupils? At first, yes. They did behaved for my next class. But after the second class, they misbehaved again. And as expected, I went mad again. I think this cycle will keep repeating again and again. Need to do some research on how to handle problematic pupils again. Sigh. 

A pretending-to-be-a-counselor-but-failed teacher

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